bill miller

Aubrey and Rob - Wedding Film - 6/26/15 - Bill Miller's Castle

One of the best perks about our job is that we get to travel to all over Connecticut, visiting some of the most beautiful and unique venues our state has to offer.  When we met with Bree and Rob, and they told us they were getting married at Bill Miller’s castle, we didn’t know what to expect.  The venue wasn’t on our radar, and we hadn’t heard much about it.  We did our research, and we were instantly intrigued. The place is definitely one of the most unique, memorable, and impressive venues we have ever been to. The exterior looks like, well, a castle, and the interior is filled with one-of-a-kind, cant-replace-that-if-you-broke-it-by-buying-it-on-Amazon furniture and décor.

Bree and Rob had already booked their photographer when we met (Samantha Murray Photography  who did an amazing job!!!) and we were there to film the day.  The weather was absolutely perfect, and the ceremony was held right outside on the lawn.  We love seeing all the hand crafted personalization that goes into a wedding, and this was no exception.  Bree and Rob created their own ceremony programs entitled “So You’re Going To Sit Through A Wedding”, a comical instruction manual on how to be an upstanding wedding guest as well as caricatures of each member of the bridal party.  Well done.

As the sun set, we went inside to carry out the rest of the reception.  The bridal party (okay, actually just the guys) were a rowdy bunch, and the shenanigans persisted throughout the night.  It definitely made for some great footage (and possibly footage they may regret watching in the morning), but definitely made for a memorable experience. The night concluded with a sparkler exit, followed by their direct departure. As they waved goodbye and thanked their guests, we couldn’t help but feel grateful for having been a part of the amazing experience.  Thank you again Aubrey and Rob, for allowing us to film your wedding. We wish you the best!! And Happy Birthday!