Erika and Eric - The High line NYC

Want to know the best feelings in the world?

1. Getting married to the love of your life ( Hi Rox )

2. Hearing your kids running back and forth outside of your office. Screaming, Crying and causing a disaster in your home (Hi Landon, Leo and our insane puppy Louie)

3. When other photographers ask you to photograph them. Receiving that message from someone who’s work you love is one of the best compliments I could ever receive.

This is how I had the amazing opportunity to meet Erika Kao.

Emotive, story driven photography is, in my opinion, the best way to describe Erika’s work. She’s able to capture every day moments like not many people can. So, needless to say, when she asked me to photograph her and her husband Eric, my heart skipped a little. I was nervous, but I’m always up for a good challenge.

Here are some images we shot while we walked the High Line in NYC and got to know each other a little bit better. Its one thing to follow someone on Instagram but, its a completely different experience having them in front of you and getting to know them. Not only as just another photographer but, as another person.

And let me tell you…She is one amazing individual.

Check out her work over at :


Technical, pointless stuff:

Camera used: Nikon D850

Lenses used: Nikon 58mm 1.4G/Sigma 24mm/Sigma 85mm

Lighting Equipment used: Flashpoint xplor600+Cheetah QSB 26”+Kevin Asto