Megan and Ian - Cascades, Hamden CT - 4/17/2015

No matter who you ask, there are three things that will always make for a perfect wedding: 1) Gorgeous April weather 2) Love between two adoring people and 3) Lucha Libre wrestling masks. 

Well maybe #3 is debatable, but according to Ian it was a must-have for his special day, and Megan the easy-going girl that she is, was agreeable to it. And Isn't that what love is all about? Letting your husband run around the dance floor with his buddies performing wrestling moves on each other? It definitely made for a unique and unforgettable day, and we are honored to have been a part of it.  We want to thank Megan and Ian again for allowing us the opportunity to spend the day with both their families, and we truly wish them both the best. 

- Photography - Esteban and Marc
- Music - The Mike and Mike Band - West Haven, CT
- Venue - Cascades, Hamden CT
- Hair & Makeup - Larissa Lake Makeup Artist - Weathersfield, CT 
- Florist - Cynthia's Florist - Branford, CT
- Bridal Party Dresses - David's Bridal 
- Wedding Dress Undergarments - Beneath the Gown - Branford, CT
- Megan's Custom Shoes - Nina Shoes
- Lucha Libre wrestling masks - Mask Manic
- Honeymoon Accommodations - Carrie Travel, Milford CT