Kelley & Chris 10.11.14 - Lighthouse Point Park Wedding

The last time we were at Lighthouse Point Park back in April, it was for a very special occasion - Esteban's wedding! So it goes without saying that it holds a very special place in our hearts.  We knew when we first met Kelley and Chris that their wedding was going to be memorable, and we must say, we weren't disappointed.

We had been checking the weather every day up to Saturday, and everywhere we looked it called for rain.  And Saturday morning, it did just that.  However by a stroke of luck, the skies cleared up and the rain stopped as the ceremony began. Fast forward to the lighthouse, we took some bridal shots with clouds filling the sky, and thought that was it.  But as the sun started setting, we noticed the clouds were moving and the sky was turning an orangish red color. We took full advantage of the opportunity and managed to capture one of our favorite images of the year of Kelley and Chris kissing on the shore overlooking Long Island Sound.

With every great photo there is a story behind it, and whenever we look at the photo of the two of them kissing, deep in love, we will remember we had the honor of being a chapter in the story of their lives. We wish you both the best, for the rest of your lives together.  M&E