Over the past few years, photobooths have been becoming more and more popular, whether it be for weddings, parties, and even bar and bat mitzvahs.  People of all ages can participate, and how often is it socially acceptable to dress up in props?

When you think of a photo booth, what usually comes to mind is the small metal boxes that you'll find haphazardly placed in the middle of a shopping mall like this:

On average, you're able to fit 2 to 3 people inside a typical booth. Then you get a tiny film strip with each image being less than an inch wide.  How many times have you seen someone take a photo of their photobooth print and post it on facebook or instagram? Personally, we've seen it more times than we can count.

We've found all of these points to be unacceptable and wanted to go above and beyond peoples' expectations of photo booths.

We custom built our booth to offer a much larger area for you and your guests to stand, which means more people can fit into one image.  


I count 11 here with a 5 foot wide backdrop, but it doesn't have to stop there.  The more room you give us, the bigger we can make our backdrop and the more people can fit into a single image.  


If you've ever seen a photography studio, then you'll know exactly what the backdrop we're talking about looks like.  Our most popular backdrop option has been the green screen which would allow you and your guests to change their background on the fly using our software.  

We've gotten all kinds of requests from baseball team logos, to zombies, the ocean, the arctic, and the jungle.  If we can Google the image, we can make it your background.



Outer Space!

Outer Space!

Or if you prefer a solid background, we can just as easily do that as well.


Yep. That's us alright.  The background was actually multicolored streamers created by East Coast Occasions (


I'm sure you've noticed already, but the photos above are not film strips.  They're high quality, 4x6 sized prints.  We use a Canon T3i DSLR with a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 lens to take the photos, not a cheap point and shoot. The camera is connected to a Microsoft Surface tablet which is running our photobooth software.  You can interact directly with the tablet, and you are in charge of when to take the picture.  You get a live preview, and if you are using a green screen, you can instantly see the background change to your chosen image.  

The software will take 4 photos, and will then give you several options for sharing.  You can instantly e-mail the image to yourself, you can scan a QR code on the screen to receive the image on your phone, or you can print a 4x6 on the spot.  No more taking pictures of the filmstrip photo you received from the mall photo booth, but instantly share the image online with your friends in high quality, full resolution size.

After the event is over, we will upload all of the files online for your guests to view and to share.  You can also use them to create your own album!


After learning about everything we have to offer, there really is no reason to settle for a mall booth.  If you've spent a small fortune on your event, there's no reason to skimp on something that is guaranteed to be a hit among all your guests.

Starting at $799, you get an on site attendant, 4 hours of coverage, a ton of props, and everything listed above.  We also offer discounts if you choose to book photography or videography with us as well, so make sure to ask about it!  We look forward to being a part of your event, so call or email us today!

-Marc and Esteban

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